Sunday, 29 April 2012

Focus4Nature raptor photography day

The weather broke just for one day for us in Mid Wales for the F4N raptor photography. And once again the birds were great and posed in lovely settings around the farm and estate.

I think that my fellow photographers were pleased to be able to practice on the large great grey owl before aiming at the rapid little tawny owl flying towards them

I will anounce some more dates for raptor photography very soon so if you are interested watch this space or email me for a heads up.

Spring Adders

Last year I made a date to get to the Forest of Dean and catch up with adders in early March. It was not long before I found one but it did not allow me to get at all close and slunk away. A cup of coffee later though and it was back in the same place. I used the long lens to get the shot without disturbance and was pleased that I had something to go home with.

 It was a bonus therefore that I then found a second snake that seemed entirely tolerant of my camera and allowed me to within a few centimeters without moving at all! I was pleased to see the real detail but would still like some more images so will aim to get back there again in the future.